The First Book of the Chronicles The Book of Ezra


2 Chronicles 1:7. What did the Lord say to Solomon after he had offered burnt offerings?

2 Chronicles 1:8-10. What did Solomon ask of the Lord?

2 Chronicles 1:11-12. What did the Lord say to Solomon?

2 Chronicles 2:2. How many men did Solomon employ to obtain stones? (See also 2 Chronicles 2:2a)

2 Chronicles 2:3-10. What did Solomon ask of Huram, king of Tyre?

2 Chronicles 2:11-16. What did Huram answer?

2 Chronicles 3:1. Where did Solomon build the temple?

2 Chronicles 3:4-10. What metal did Solomon use much of in building the temple?

2 Chronicles 4:2. What did Solomon place upon the twelve oxen?

2 Chronicles 4:22. What were the temple doors made of?

2 Chronicles 5:4-5. What did "the priests and the Levites bring up" to the temple? (2 Chronicles 5:5)

2 Chronicles 5:10. What was in the ark?

2 Chronicles 5:13. What did the singers sing?

2 Chronicles 5:13-14. Why were the priests unable to minister?

2 Chronicles 6:3. Whom did Solomon bless?

2 Chronicles 6:7-11. What promise had the Lord fulfilled when the temple was built?

2 Chronicles 6:14-42. List six things Solomon asked in his prayer in verses 14 through 42.

2 Chronicles 7:1-2. What happened when Solomon finished praying?

2 Chronicles 7:3. What did the people do when they saw it?

2 Chronicles 7:8. How long did the feast last?

2 Chronicles 7:11. What did Solomon do with what came into his heart for the house of the Lord?

2 Chronicles 7:12-22. What did the Lord tell Solomon when He appeared to him?

2 Chronicles 7:19-22. Under what conditions would the Lord destroy his temple?

2 Chronicles 8:1. How long was Solomon building the temple and his house?

2 Chronicles 8:7-8. What did Solomon require of the people in the land who were not of Israel?

2 Chronicles 8:9. What did the men of Israel do?

2 Chronicles 8:14-15. Whom did Solomon appoint according to the order established by David? What were they to do?

2 Chronicles 9:1. Why did the queen of Sheba visit Solomon?

2 Chronicles 9:2. What did Solomon tell the queen?

2 Chronicles 9:5-8. What did the queen say to Solomon?

2 Chronicles 9:9. What did she give to Solomon?

2 Chronicles 9:12. What did Solomon give to the queen of Sheba?

2 Chronicles 9:22. How was Solomon greater than all other kings of the earth?

2 Chronicles 9:23. Why did all the kings seek the presence of Solomon?

2 Chronicles 9:29. What lost books are named in 2 Chronicles 9? (See also v. 29a)

2 Chronicles 10:1. Why did all Israel go to Shechem?

2 Chronicles 10:3-4. What did Jeroboam and all of Israel say to Rehoboam?

2 Chronicles 10:6-7. What counsel did the old men give to Rehoboam?

2 Chronicles 10:10-11. What counsel did the young men give to Rehoboam?

2 Chronicles 10:13-16. Why did Israel rebel against the house of David?

2 Chronicles 11:2-4. What did the Lord say to Shemaiah?

2 Chronicles 11:3-14. Why did all the priests and Levites go to Judah?

2 Chronicles 11:14-15. What did Jeroboam do in Israel?

2 Chronicles 12:1. What did Rehoboam and all of Israel forsake?

2 Chronicles 12:2, 5. Why did Shishak, king of Egypt, go against Jerusalem?

2 Chronicles 12:6-8. Why did the Lord refrain from destroying Jerusalem?

2 Chronicles 12:9. What did Shishak take from Jerusalem?

2 Chronicles 12:14. How did Rehoboam do evil?

2 Chronicles 12:15. What lost books are named in 2 Chronicles 12? (See also v. 15a)

2 Chronicles 13:1. Who replaced Rehoboam as king of Judah?

2 Chronicles 13:2. What did Abijah say to Jeroboam and Israel before the battle?

2 Chronicles 13:14-15. What did the men of Judah do when they were ambushed?

2 Chronicles 13:16-18. Why did Israel flee before Judah?

2 Chronicles 14:2-7. What did Asa, king of Judah, do "in the eyes of the Lord"? (2 Chronicles 14:2)

2 Chronicles 14:9-12. Why did a million Ethiopians flee before Asa?

2 Chronicles 14:13-15. What did Asa take back to Jerusalem?

2 Chronicles 15:1-4. What was the Lord's message that Azariah gave to Asa?

2 Chronicles 15:8-9. What did Asa do when he heard this message?

2 Chronicles 15:9. Why did people from other tribes flee to Asa?

2 Chronicles 15:12-15. What covenant did the people make with the Lord?

2 Chronicles 15:19. How did the Lord bless them?

2 Chronicles 16:2-5. How did Asa defeat Israel?

2 Chronicles 16:7. Why had the host of Syria escaped from Asa?

2 Chronicles 16:9. What does the Lord do for those whose heart is perfect toward him?

2 Chronicles 16:7, 9. How had Asa done foolishly?

2 Chronicles 16:12. Whom did Asa seek in his sickness?

2 Chronicles 17:3-6. Why was the Lord with Jehoshaphat?

2 Chronicles 17:7-9. Why did he send his servants to the cities of Judah?

2 Chronicles 17:9. What did they teach?

2 Chronicles 17:10. Why did Judah's neighbors refrain from making war against Judah?

2 Chronicles 18:1. How did Jehoshaphat have "affinity" with Ahab? (See 2 Chronicles 18:1a)

2 Chronicles 18:4, 6. What did Jehoshaphat ask Ahab to do before going to war against the Syrians?

2 Chronicles 18:5. What did Ahab's prophets counsel them to do?

2 Chronicles 18:18-22. What did Micaiah say to Ahab?

2 Chronicles 18:25-26. What did Ahab command be done with Micaiah?

2 Chronicles 18:31-32. How was Jehoshaphat able to escape?

2 Chronicles 18:33-34. What happened to Ahab?

2 Chronicles 19:2. Why was the wrath of the Lord upon Jehoshaphat?

2 Chronicles 19:3-5. What good things had Jehoshaphat done? (See 2 Chronicles 19:4a)

2 Chronicles 19:6-7, 8-11. What did Jehoshaphat tell the judges to do? the priests, Levites, and the "chief of the fathers of Israel" in Jerusalem to do? (v. 8)

2 Chronicles 20:1. Who went against Jehoshaphat to battle?

2 Chronicles 20:3. What did Jehoshaphat do?

2 Chronicles 20:12. What did Jehoshaphat pray for?

2 Chronicles 20:14-17. What did Jahaziel say to the congregation?

2 Chronicles 20:22-24. What happened to those who went against Judah? (See also 2 Chronicles 20:22a)

2 Chronicles 20:25. How long did it take Judah to gather the spoil?

2 Chronicles 20:33. Why were the "high places" not taken away? (v. 33)

2 Chronicles 20:35-37. Why were the ships "broken"? (v. 37)

2 Chronicles 21:3-4. What did Jehoram, king of Judah, do to his brothers? (See also Bible Dictionary, p. 710, s.v. "Jehoram or Joram (2).")

2 Chronicles 21:6. What did Jehoram do "in the eyes of the Lord"? (21 Chronicles 2:6) Why?

2 Chronicles 21:7. Why did the Lord not destroy Jehoram right away?

2 Chronicles 21:11. What wickedness did Jehoram commit? (See also v. 11a)

2 Chronicles 21:12-15. What did Elijah write to Jehoram?

2 Chronicles 21:17-20. What happened to Jehoram?

2 Chronicles 22:1. Why was Ahaziah made king?

2 Chronicles 22:2-4. Who counseled him to do wickedly? (See also 2 Chronicles 21:6)

2 Chronicles 22:7. What had God appointed Jehu to do?

2 Chronicles 22:8-9. What happened to Ahaziah? Why?

2 Chronicles 22:12-15. What did Athaliah do when her son Ahaziah was killed?

2 Chronicles 22:17-20. How was the house of David preserved?

2 Chronicles 23:1, 22:11. Who was Jehoiada? (See 2 Chronicles 22:11)

2 Chronicles 23:1-11. How did Jehoiada arrange for Joash to be crowned king?

2 Chronicles 23:12-15. What did he command be done to the wicked queen?

2 Chronicles 23:16. What covenant did Jehoiada, the people, and the king make?

2 Chronicles 23:17. What did the people do at the "house of Baal"? (2 Chronicles 23:17)

2 Chronicles 23:18-19. What did Jehoiada appoint the priests of the Levites to do?

2 Chronicles 24:7-8. Why did Joash set a collection chest by the temple gate?

2 Chronicles 24:12-14. How were the donations used?

2 Chronicles 24:15. How old was Jehoiada the priest when he died?

2 Chronicles 24:16. Why was Jehoiada buried with the kings?

2 Chronicles 24:17. Whose counsel did Joash take after the death of Jehoiada?

2 Chronicles 24:18. Why did the wrath of the Lord come upon Judah and Jerusalem?

2 Chronicles 24:19-20. What did the Lord do to encourage the people of Judah to return to him?

2 Chronicles 24:20-22. What happened to Zechariah, son of Jehoiada, when he testified to the people in the name of God?

2 Chronicles 24:23. What happened to Judah and Jerusalem at the end of the year?

2 Chronicles 24:24-25. What happened to Joash? (See also 2 Chronicles 24:25a)

2 Chronicles 25:1-2, 2a. What did Amaziah do "in the sight of the Lord"? (See 2 Chronicles 25:2a)

2 Chronicles 25:3. What did Amaziah do to those who had killed his father?

2 Chronicles 25:7-8. What did the man of God say to Amaziah?

2 Chronicles 25:14-15. Why was the Lord angry with Amaziah?

2 Chronicles 25:15-16. What did the prophet say to Amaziah?

2 Chronicles 25:23-24. What did Joash, king of Israel, do to Jerusalem?

2 Chronicles 25:27-28. What happened to Amaziah?

2 Chronicles 26:4-5. How was Uzziah able to prosper?

2 Chronicles 26:14-15. How did Uzziah prepare his people for war?

2 Chronicles 26:16. What sin did Uzziah commit "when he was strong"? (2 Chronicles 26:16) Why?

2 Chronicles 26:19-21. What happened to Uzziah?

2 Chronicles 27:2. What did Jotham do "in the sight of the Lord"? (2 Chronicles 27:2)

2 Chronicles 27:6, 6a. How did Jotham become mighty? (See v. 6a)

2 Chronicles 28:1-4. What did Ahaz do "in the sight of the Lord"? (2 Chronicles 28:1)

2 Chronicles 28:2-5. Why did the Lord deliver Ahaz "into the hand of the king of Syria"? (v. 5)

2 Chronicles 28:6. How was Pekah able to slay one hundred twenty thousand valiant men of Judah in one day?

2 Chronicles 28:8. What did the children of Israel do to Judah?

2 Chronicles 28:9-14. Why did Israel free the captives of Judah?

2 Chronicles 28:16, 21-25. How did Ahaz offend the Lord even further?

2 Chronicles 29:2-3. What did Hezekiah do "in the sight of the Lord"? (2 Chronicles 29:2)

2 Chronicles 29:4-11. What did Hezekiah say to the priests and Levites?

2 Chronicles 29:15-17. What did the Levites and priests do to the temple?

2 Chronicles 29:18-23. What did the priests do after the temple was sanctified?

2 Chronicles 29:36. Why did Hezekiah and all the people rejoice?

2 Chronicles 30:1, 5. What message did Hezekiah command be sent to all Israel and Judah?

2 Chronicles 30:9. What blessing would the people obtain by turning to the Lord?

2 Chronicles 30:18-20. Why did the Lord heal those who were unclean and yet ate the Passover?

2 Chronicles 30:26. When was the last time there had been so much joy in Jerusalem?

2 Chronicles 30:27. What did the priests and the Levites do?

2 Chronicles 31:1. What did "all Israel that were present" do when the feast had ended? (2 Chronicles 31:1)

2 Chronicles 31:2. What did Hezekiah appoint the priests and Levites to do?

2 Chronicles 31:4-5. Why did the people take in their tithes?

2 Chronicles 31:20-21. How did Hezekiah serve God?

2 Chronicles 32:2-8. How did Hezekiah prepare to fight the Assyrians?

2 Chronicles 32:7-8. What did he say to the people?

2 Chronicles 32:9-19. What did the king of Assyria do to trouble Jerusalem?

2 Chronicles 32:20. What did Hezekiah and Isaiah do?

2 Chronicles 32:21. What did the Lord do to the Assyrians?

2 Chronicles 32:21. What happened to their king?

2 Chronicles 32:25. Why was the Lord's wrath kindled against Hezekiah?

2 Chronicles 32:26. What did Hezekiah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem do?

2 Chronicles 32:30. What did Hezekiah do with the "watercourse of Gihon"? (2 Chronicles 32:30)

2 Chronicles 32:31. Why did God leave Hezekiah when the Babylonians visited him?

2 Chronicles 32:32; Isaiah 37-39. Where did Isaiah write about Hezekiah? (See Isaiah 37-39)

2 Chronicles 33:1-9. How did Manasseh anger the Lord?

2 Chronicles 33:10. How did Manasseh and the people receive the Lord's warning?

2 Chronicles 33:11. What did the Assyrians do to Manasseh? (See also 2 Chronicles 33:11a)

2 Chronicles 33:12-13. How did Manasseh know the Lord was his God?

2 Chronicles 33:22-23. What did Amon do to anger the Lord?

2 Chronicles 33:24. What happened to Amon?

2 Chronicles 33:25. What did the people do at the death of Amon?

2 Chronicles 34:3, 3-7, 8. What did Josiah do in the eighth year of his reign? in the twelfth year of his reign? in the eighteenth year of his reign?

2 Chronicles 34:14-16. What book was brought to the king?

2 Chronicles 34:20-21. Why did Josiah and the people make with the Lord?

2 Chronicles 34:23-28. What was the Lord's message to the king?

2 Chronicles 34:31. What covenant did Josiah and the people make with the Lord?

2 Chronicles 35:3-6. What did Josiah instruct the Levites to do?

2 Chronicles 35:19. When did Josiah keep the passover?

2 Chronicles 35:21. What message did Necho, king of Egypt, send to Josiah?

2 Chronicles 35:22-24. What happened to Josiah? Why?

2 Chronicles 36:4. How did Jehoiakim, brother of Jehoahaz, become king?

2 Chronicles 36:4. What happened to Jehoahaz?

2 Chronicles 36:5-6. What happened to Jehoiakim? Why?

2 Chrnoicles 36:9-10. What heppened to Jeohiachin?

2 Chronicles 36:12. Which prophet did Zedekiah reject?

Helaman 6:10. Whose families did the Lord lead out of Jerusalem? (See Helaman 6:10; see also 1 Nephi 1:4; 2:1-4; Helaman 8:21-22)

2 Chronicles 36:15. Why did the Lord try to turn the people from their wickedness?

2 Chronicles 36:16-20. What happened to Jerusalem? to its inhabitants? to the temple?

2 Chronicles 36:22-23. What did Cyrus, king of Persia, proclaim?

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